Choir invites choir

″Pokroff″ Choir invites colleagues, music lovers and those who wish to visit Russia!

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The whole program is developed by musicians for musicians. That is why all the participants of the project have a unique chance to become better acquainted with Russian culture and exchange experience with Russian colleagues.
For average foreign tourists who come to Moscow, such routes as the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow GUM (Main Department Store), Tverskaya Street, Tretyakov Gallery are traditional – all these are the symbols we often see on post cards and on TV. However, for our guests this is just a part of the program. ″Choir Travel″ – is the best way to see Russia, make friends with colleagues and spend unforgettable days together with friends and relatives.

How does the musical tourism differ from the common one?

Choir travels are very popular in Europe and in the world. However, in Russia and on the territory of former USSR the ″Pokroff″ choir is the first one to organize such trips for the colleagues from Europe. These are not strictly tourist trips. The coming groups are of interest for us first of all as colleagues and partners in joint cultural activity. For ″Pokroff″ choir the organization of travels is not means of income. We want to help our colleagues from Europe to know Russia better and to enjoy the travel.
″Choir Travel to Russia″ is compared favorably to the offers of tour operators in terms of price. We cooperate with hotels, transportation companies, restaurants, guides without intermediaries. This allows making your trip to Russia maximally affordable in terms of price.
We have partners in all parts of Russia and in the countries of former USSR, which allows us planning trips to almost all of these countries.
The whole program is organized by the participants of the Chamber choir ″Pokroff″ and its conductor Andrey Goryachev. That is why the guests have possibilities, which can not be compared to the common tourist offers.