Accommodation of guests is organized in a private boarding-house situated 70 km far from Moscow in the most ecologically pure district of Moscow Region, not far away from Zvenigorod. Zvenigorod is one of the oldest Russian cities. It is not yet “spoiled” by tourism industry and is attractive due to its cultural and historical heritage. The Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, unique in its beauty, is situated hear for 600 years. It escaped devastation during the invasion of Napoleon and World War II. For the beauty of natural landscape, the country, were the boarding-house is situated is called Moscow Region Switzerland.

Slavonic Gastro-Tour

“Choir Travel to Russia” is also interesting from the gastronomical point of view. In restaurants with Russian and Ukrainian kitchen our guests can enjoy the diversity of national alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – kvass, mors (fruit drink), vodka, horilka with cayenne pepper. They can also satisfy their hunger by the daintiest national dishes, such as pancakes with caviar, Russian salad, borsch, Caucasian shashlik, Chicken Kiev, patties, vareniki…  mmm-m!